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  Dictionary Definition of halls

1. the entrance room or vestibule of a house or building.
2. a corridor or passageway in a building.
3. a large building or room for public assembly and other community uses.
4. a large building for residence, instruction, or other purposes, as in a university or college.
5. the proprietor's residence on a large landed estate.
6. the chief room in a medieval castle or similar structure, used for eating, sleeping, and entertaining.
7. the house of a medieval chieftain or noble.
[ME and OE, c. OHG halla, akin to OE helan cover, hide, L celare hide, Greek kalptein cover]
1. Ben ( jamin ), 1837--65, Australian bushranger.
2. Charles Francis, 1821--71, US arctic explorer.
3. Charles Martin, 1863--1914, US chemist.
4. Edward Smith, 1786--1860, Australian journalist and political reformer, born in England; publisher of the Monitor 1826--38, and editor with the Australian, 1838--48.
5. Edward Swarbreck, 1805--81, Australian surgeon, born in England; noted for his articles on public health.
6. Eliza Rowden, 1847--1916, Australian community worker and benefactor, born in the UK; creator of a trust in 1912 which has contributed to such areas as education, religion, assistance to women and children and medical research.
7. Sir John, 1824--1907, NZ politician; prime minister 1879--82.
8. Ken ( eth ) G ( eorge ), 1901--94, Australian film director, producer and television executive.
9. Lindsay Bernard, 1859--1935, Australian painter and director of the National Art Gallery in Melbourne, born in England.
10. ( George William Louis ) Marshall, 1862--1915, Australian composer, especially of opera, born in England.
11. Sir Peter, born 1930, English theatre director, noted especially for his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company 1960--73; National Theatre since 1973.
12. Robert, 1867--1949, Australian ornithologist.
13. Rodney, born 1935, Australian poet and novelist; works include the novel Just Relations (1982) and The Grisly Wife (1994) both of which won the Miles Franklin Award.
14. ( Raymond ) Steele, born 1928, Australian state and federal Liberal politician, premier of SA, 1968--70.
15. Thomas Sergeant, 1858--1915, Australian geologist and lecturer.
16. Walter Russell, 1831--1911, husband of Eliza Rowden, Australian mining company director and benefactor, born in the UK.