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  Dictionary Definition of hail

hail [1]
verb (t)
1. to salute or greet; welcome.
2. to salute or name as: to hail ( someone as ) victor.
3. to acclaim; to approve with enthusiasm.
4. to call out to, in order to attract attention: to hail a person, to hail a taxi.
-- verb (i)
5. to call out in order to greet, attract attention, etc.
-- noun
6. a shout or call to attract attention.
7. the act of hailing.
8. a salutation or greeting.
-- interjection
9. Poetic (an exclamation of salutation or greeting.)
-- phrase
10. hail from, to belong to as the place of residence, point of departure, etc.
11. within hail, within reach of the voice.
[ME haile ( n ), from obs. hail, noun and adjective, health(y), from Scandinavian; cf. Icel. heill health, healthy, c. OE hæl (n.), hal (adjective). Cf. WASSAIL ]
-- hailer, noun