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  Dictionary Definition of gut

1. the alimentary canal between the pylorus and the anus, or some portion of it.
2. the substance forming the case of the intestine; intestinal tissue or fibre: sheep's gut.
3. a preparation of the intestines of an animal used for various purposes, as for violin strings, tennis racquets, fishing lines, etc.
4. the silken substance taken from a silkworm killed when about to spin its cocoon, used in making snells for fishhooks.
5. a narrow passage, as a channel of water or a defile between hills.
6. a flexible driving shaft to relay power to a tool for machine shearing.
-- verb (t) ( gutted, gutting )
7. to take out the guts or entrails of; disembowel.
8. to plunder of contents.
9. to destroy the interior of: fire gutted the building.
-- adjective
10. of or relating to feelings, emotion, intuition: a gut response.
11. of or relating to that which may engender feeling, emotion, etc.: a gut issue. See guts.
[ME; OE guttas, plural, akin to geotan pour]