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  Dictionary Definition of grip

1. the act of grasping; a seizing and holding fast; firm grasp: the grip of a vice.
2. the power of gripping.
3. a grasp, hold or control.
4. a travelling bag; holdall.
5. mental or intellectual hold; competence.
6. occupation; regular employment.
7. a special mode of clasping hands.
8. something which seizes and holds, as a clutching device on a cable car.
9. a handle or hilt.
10. a sudden, sharp pain; spasm of pain.
11. grippe.
12. Film, TV. a person employed to carry equipment, shift scenery, props, etc.
-- verb ( gripped or gript, gripping )
-- verb (t)
13. to grasp or seize firmly; hold fast.
14. to take hold on; hold the interest of: to grip the mind.
15. to attach by a grip or clutch.
-- verb (i)
16. to take firm hold; hold fast.
17. to take hold on the mind.
-- phrase
18. come to grips with ; get to grips with, to deal with, tackle (an enemy, a problem, etc.)
[ME and OE gripe grasp, c. G Griff, OE gripa handful, sheaf. See GRIPE, verb ]
-- gripper, noun