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verb ( went, gone, going )
-- verb (i)
1. to move or pass ( in, into, out, along, up, etc.); proceed.
2. to move away or out; depart (opposed to come ).
3. Cricket to be dismissed.
4. to keep or be in motion; act, work, or run.
5. to act or perform so as to achieve a specified state or condition.
6. to move towards a point or a given result or in a given manner; proceed; advance.
7. to be known: to go by a name.
8. to reach or extend: this road goes to the city.
9. (of time) to pass; elapse.
10. to be awarded, transferred, or applied to a particular recipient or purpose.
11. to be sold: the property went for a song.
12. to conduce or tend: this only goes to prove the point.
13. to turn out: how did the game go?
14. to belong; have a place: this book goes on the top shelf.
15. (of colours, etc.) to harmonise; be compatible; be suited.
16. to fit into, round, etc.
17. to be used up, finished or consumed.
18. to develop, especially with reference to success, or failure.
19. to be phrased: how do the words go?
20. to resort; have recourse: to go to court.
21. to be given up; be worn out; be lost or ended.
22. to die.
23. to fail; give way.
24. to begin; come into action: here goes!
25. to be acceptable: anything goes.
26. to carry final authority: what I say goes.
27. to contribute to a result: the items which go to make up a total.
-- verb (cop)
28. to become; assume another state or condition: to go mad.
29. to continue; be habitually in a specified condition: to go hungry.
-- verb (t)
30. to proceed on: he went his way.
31. to share equally (fol. by a complementary substantive): to go halves.
32. to make (a sound, effect, etc.) when operated (fol. by a complementary substantive): the gun went bang.
33. Cards to bid.
34. Colloquial to say: and he goes 'rack off' to the big man.
35. Coll