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  Dictionary Definition of good

adjective ( better, best )

1. morally excellent; righteous; pious.
2. satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree; excellent: good food, good health.
3. right; proper; qualified; fit: do whatever seems good to you, his credit is good.
4. well-behaved: a good child.
5. restorative or beneficial: this medicine is good for you.
6. fresh and palatable; not tainted.
7. honourable or worthy; in good standing: a good name.
8. refined; well-bred; educated.
9. reliable; safe: good securities.
10. genuine; sound or valid: good judgment, good reasons.
11. loyal; close: a good friend.
12. attractive; fine; beautiful: she has a good figure.
13. (of the complexion) without blemish or flaw.
14. agreeable; pleasant; genial: have a good time.
15. pleasurable; exciting.
16. satisfactory for the purpose; advantageous: a good day for fishing.
17. sufficient or ample: a good supply.
18. (of clothes) best or newest.
19. full: a good day's journey.
20. competent or skilful; clever: a good manager, good at arithmetic.
21. fairly great: a good deal.
22. Colloquial in good health; well: How are you? I'm good, thanks.
-- noun
23. profit; worth; advantage; benefit: to work for the common good.
24. excellence or merit; righteousness; kindness; virtue.
25. ( sometimes cap. ) the force which governs and brings about righteousness and virtue: to be a power for good.
26. a good, commendable, or desirable thing.
27. ( plural ) possessions, especially movable effects or personal chattels.
28. ( plural ) articles of trade; wares; merchandise, especially that which is transported by land.
29. an item of merchandise.
-- interjection
30. (an expression of approval or satisfaction).
-- phrase
31. all to the good, Colloquial generally advantageous (often used to justify an unpleasant event).
32. a good press, Colloquial a favourable reaction by newspapers and journals.
33. a good question, Colloquial a difficult