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  Dictionary Definition of gone

1. past participle of go.
-- adjective
2. departed; left.
3. lost or hopeless.
4. used up.
5. that has departed or passed away; dead.
6. depleted of stamina (in a specified part of the body): gone in the legs.
7. weak and faint: a gone feeling.
8. pregnant: three months gone.
9. Colloquial exhilarated; in a state of excitement (as by the influence of drugs, etc.).
10. Colloquial infatuated: One look from Harold and she was gone.
-- phrase
11. far gone, Colloquial out of one's senses with exhaustion, illness, intoxication, insanity, etc.
12. far gone in, in an advanced state of: far gone in a disease ; the fair fat Tilly was too far gone in love to wish to chip and change her chosen. -- HENRY HANDEL RICHARDSON, 1925.
13. gone a million, Colloquial utterly defeated or ruined.
14. gone in the head ; gone in the scone, crazy; insane.
15. gone on, Colloquial infatuated with.