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  Dictionary Definition of god

1. a supernatural being or entity which is worshipped, revered, propitiated or entreated according to particular conventions, and is believed to control nature or human destiny, often being associated with a particular aspect or facet of these: Among Hawaiians the god of war was called Kukailimoko.
2. the image of such a being or entity; idol: She refused to bow down to any god of stone.
3. ( cap. ) (according to Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and certain other theologies) the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1:1.
4. any person or practice to which excessive attention or devotion is given: George made a god of horseracing.
-- phrase
5. for God's sake ; for Godsake ; for godsake. (an exclamation indicating surprise, vexation, indignation, etc.): For God's sake, shut up!
6. God! ; Oh God! ; My God!, (an oath or exclamation used to express weariness, annoyance, disappointment, etc.): Oh God! Will it never end?
7. God's own, a. (an intensifier): It's going to be God's own misery in the winter -- RUTH PARK, 1949. b. (of a country) the best; a paradise: With God's own country before them they have accused our prospectors of deceiving them -- MICHAEL WILDING, 1985. Cf. Godzone.
8. good God!, (an exclamation indicating surprise, consternation, etc.).
9. the gods, a. the highest gallery in a theatre: The crowd in the gods was becoming restless. b. the pagan gods collectively.
[ME and OE, c. D god, G Gott, Icel. godh, Goth. guth ]