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  Dictionary Definition of get

verb ( got, gotten or, Archaic, gat ; got ; getting )

-- verb (t)
1. to obtain, gain, or acquire by any means: to get favour by service, get a good price.
2. to fetch or bring: I will go and get it.
3. to receive or be awarded: I got a present, he got five years for theft.
4. to obtain by working; earn: to get one's living.
5. to acquire a mental grasp or command of; learn: to get a lesson by heart.
6. to hear or understand: I didn't get the last word.
7. to be afflicted with (an illness, etc.): to be getting the flu.
8. to reach or communicate with (someone): to get him on the phone.
9. to cause to be or do: to get a friend appointed, get one's hair cut, get the fire to burn.
10. to manage; succeed in accomplishing: I didn't get to see her.
11. Obsolete to capture; seize upon.
12. to prevail on: to get him to speak.
13. to prepare; make ready: to get dinner.
14. to beget (now usually of animals).
15. Colloquial to hit: the bullet got him in the leg.
16. Colloquial to have revenge on, especially by physical assault: I'll get you for that.
17. Colloquial to grasp or understand the meaning or intention of (a person).
18. to baffle; reveal the ignorance of: you've got me there, mate!
19. Colloquial to have a strong effect upon, as irritation, anger, amusement: his behaviour really gets me.
20. Colloquial to kill.
21. Colloquial to answer: who'll get the phone?
-- verb (i)
22. to come to or arrive: to get home.
23. to succeed in coming or going ( away, in, into, out, over, through, etc.).
-- verb (cop)
24. to become; grow: to get tired.
25. (used to form a passive verb): to get elected.
-- noun
26. (in tennis, etc.) a return of a stroke which would normally be a point for the opponent.
27. an offspring, now only of animals.
28. Colloquial a getaway.
-- phrase
29. do a get, Colloquial to escape; run away.
30. get about, a. to move about. b