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  Dictionary Definition of gear

1. Machinery a. a mechanism for transmitting or changing motion, as by toothed wheels. b. a toothed wheel which engages with another wheel or part. c. the connection or engagement of toothed wheels with each other: in gear, out of gear, in high gear, in low gear. d. a group of parts in a complex machine that operates for a single purpose.
2. implements, tools, or apparatus, especially as used for a particular operation; harness; tackle.
3. Nautical a. the ropes, blocks, etc., belonging to a particular sail or spar. b. the tools and equipment used on a ship.
4. movable property; goods; personal possessions.
5. Colloquial clothes.
6. Colloquial a. marijuana. b. drugs generally.
7. Colloquial ancillary apparatus used to prepare and inject drugs, especially heroin, intravenously.
8. Archaic. armour or arms.
9. Colloquial external genitalia.
-- adjective
10. Brit. Colloquial fashionable, delightful, or excellent.
-- verb (t)
11. to provide with gearing; connect by gearing; put (machinery) into gear.
12. to provide with gear; supply; fit; harness.
13. to prepare, adjust, orientate (someone or something) to a particular situation.
-- verb (i)
14. to fit exactly, as one part of gearing into another; come into or be in gear.
-- phrase
15. gear up, a. to make ready; prepare. b. Economics to borrow money in order to increase the amount of total liabilities in relation to the equity capital.
[ME gere, from Scandinavian; cf. Icel. gervi, görvi gear, apparel; akin to OE gearwe, plural, equipment, gearu ready]