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  Dictionary Definition of gate

gate [1]
1. a movable barrier, as a swinging frame, in a fence or wall, or across a passageway.
2. an opening for passage into an enclosure such as a fenced yard or walled city.
3. a structure built about such an opening and containing the barrier.
4. any narrow means of access or entrance.
5. a broad low gap in land of high relief as the Cassilis Gate in the eastern highlands of New South Wales; often on a political boundary.
6. a device for regulating the passage of water, steam, or the like, as in a dam, pipe, etc.; valve.
7. starting gate.
8. the number of persons who pay for admission to an athletic contest or other exhibition.
9. gate money (def. 1).
10. payment at a tollgate.
11. Motor Vehicles the H-shaped arrangement of slots controlling the movement of a gearlever.
12. a sash or frame for a saw or gang of saws.
13. Electricity a. an electronic circuit which controls the passage of information signals according to the state of one or more control signals. b. a control electrode on a field effect transistor, silicon controlled rectifier, etc.
14. Foundry a channel or opening in a mould through which molten metal enters the mould cavity to form a casting.
15. that part of a camera or projector in which each frame of film is held during exposure or projection.
-- verb (t) ( gated, gating )
16. to punish by restricting (a student) within the college or school gates.
[ME gat, gate, OE gatu gates, plural of geat opening in a wall, c. LG and D gat hole, breach]
-- gateman , noun