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  Dictionary Definition of gain

gain [1]
verb (t)
1. to obtain; secure (something desired); acquire: gain time.
2. to win; get in competition: gain the prize.
3. to acquire as an increase or addition: to gain weight, speed, etc.
4. to obtain as a profit: he gained ten dollars by that transaction.
5. to reach by effort; get to; arrive at: to gain a good harbour.
-- verb (i)
6. to improve; make progress; advance.
7. (often followed by on or upon ) to get nearer, as in pursuit.
8. to get farther away (from pursuers).
-- noun
9. profit; advantage.
10. ( plural ) profits; winnings.
11. an increase or advance.
12. the act of gaining; acquisition.
13. Electronics an increase in a signal parameter, as voltage, current, or power, expressed as the ratio of the output to the input.
14. (of an amplifier) volume.
-- phrase
15. gain ground, a. to make an advance, as in the face of opposition. b. to obtain an advantage.
16. gain time, to delay; achieve a postponement.
[F gagner, from OF gaaigner to get possession of, from Gmc waithanjan to plunder]