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  Dictionary Definition of frost

1. the atmospheric condition which causes the freezing of water.
2. degrees of frost, degrees below freezing point: we had ten degrees of frost ( i.e., -10C ).
3. a covering of minute ice needles, formed from the atmosphere at night on cold surfaces when the dewpoint is below freezing point ( white frost or hoarfrost ). Cf. black frost.
4. the act or process of freezing.
5. crushed glass of paper thickness, used for decorative purposes.
6. a coolness between persons; an icy manner.
7. Colloquial something which is received coldly; a failure.
8. Colloquial a swindle.
-- verb (t)
9. to cover with frost.
10. to give a frostlike surface to (glass, etc.).
11. to ice (a cake, etc.).
-- verb (i)
12. Also, frost up. to freeze or become hardened with frost.
[ME and OE frost, forst, c. D vorst, G Frost, Icel. frost, akin to FREEZE ]
-- frostless, adjective -- frostlike, adjective
1. Sir David Paradine, born 1939, British television personality; noted for comedy programs such as That Was the Week That Was (1962) and The Frost Report (1966--67) and interview shows.
2. John, 1784--1877, English Chartist, transported to Tasmania in 1840, as a political prisoner; on his return to England he publicised the horrors of convict life.
3. Robert Lee, 1874--1963, US poet.