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  Dictionary Definition of for

1. with the object or purpose of: to go for a walk.
2. intended to belong to, suit the purposes or needs of, or be used in connection with: a book for children, a box for gloves.
3. in order to obtain: a suit for damages.
4. with inclination or tendency towards: to long for a thing, to have an eye for beauty.
5. (as expressing a wish or desire for something to be obtained): O for the wings of a dove.
6. in consideration of, or in return for: three for a dollar, to be thanked for one's efforts.
7. appropriate or adapted to: a subject for speculation.
8. with regard or respect to: pressed for time, too warm for April.
9. during the continuance of: for a long time.
10. in favour of, or on the side of: to stand for honest government.
11. in place of, or instead of: a substitute for butter.
12. in the interest of: to act for a client.
13. as an offset to: blow for blow.
14. in honour of: to give a dinner for a person.
15. in punishment of: fined for stealing.
16. with the purpose of reaching: to start for Perth.
17. conducive to: for the advantage of everybody.
18. in order to save: to flee for one's life.
19. in order to become: to go for a soldier.
20. in assignment or attribution to: an engagement for this evening, it is for you to decide.
21. to allow of; to require: too many for separate mention.
22. such as results in: his reason for going.
23. as affecting the interests or circumstances of: bad for one's health.
24. in proportion or with reference to: tall for his age.
25. in the character of, or as being: to know a thing for a fact.
26. by reason of, or because of: to shout for joy, famed for its beauty.
27. in spite of: for all that.
28. to the extent or amount of: to walk for a mile.
29. (sometimes used to govern a noun or pronoun followed by an infinitive, in a construction equivalent to a clause with that and the auxiliary should, etc.): it is time for him to go, meaning it is time that he should go.
-- conjunction
30. seeing that; since.
31. because.
-- phrase
32. for it