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  Dictionary Definition of fold

fold [1]
verb (t)
1. to double or bend (cloth, paper, etc.) over upon itself.
2. to bring together (the arms, hands, legs, etc.) with one round another: to fold one's arms on one's chest.
3. to bring (the wings) close to the body, as a bird on alighting.
4. to enclose; wrap: to fold something in paper.
5. to clasp or embrace: to fold someone in one's arms.
-- verb (i)
6. to be folded or be capable of folding: the doors fold back.
7. to be closed or brought to an end, usually with financial loss, as a business enterprise or theatrical production.
-- noun
8. a part that is folded; pleat; layer: to wrap something in folds of cloth.
9. a hollow made by folding: to carry something in the fold of one's dress.
10. a crease made by folding.
11. a hollow place in undulating ground: a fold of the hills or mountains.
12. Geology a portion of strata which is folded or bent (as an anticline or syncline), or which connects two horizontal or parallel portions of strata of different levels (as a monocline).
13. a coil of a serpent, string, etc.
14. an act of folding or doubling over.
-- phrase
15. fold about ; fold around, to bend or wind around: to fold one's arms about a person's neck.
16. fold in, Cookery to mix in, as beaten eggwhites added to a batter or the like, by gently turning one part over another with a spoon, etc.
17. fold up, a. to bring into a compact form, or shut, by bending and laying parts together: to fold up a map. b. to collapse. c. to fail in business.
[ME folde ( n ), from OE faldan, replacing OE fealdan, c. G falten ]