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  Dictionary Definition of fog

fog [1]
1. a cloudlike mass or layer of minute globules of water in the air near the earth's surface; thick mist.
2. any darkened state of the atmosphere, or the diffused substance which causes it.
3. a state of mental confusion or obscurity: a fog of doubt.
4. Photography a darkening of the whole or of parts of a developed plate or print from sources other than image-forming light in the camera.
5. Physical Chemistry a colloidal system consisting of liquid particles dispersed in a gaseous medium.
-- verb ( fogged, fogging )
-- verb (t)
6. to envelop with, or as with fog.
7. Photography to affect (a negative or print) by fog.
8. to confuse; perplex; bewilder.
9. Agriculture to fumigate (commercial poultry-raising buildings) using various chemicals in aerosol form.
10. Agriculture to treat (cattle) for cattle tick using a fine spray.
-- verb (i)
11. to become enveloped or obscured with, or as with, fog.
12. Photography to be affected by fog.
[backformation from FOGGY. See FOG2 ]
-- fogless, adjective