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  Dictionary Definition of fly

noun a river in western central New Guinea, flowing south-east to the Gulf of Papua. PNG's longest river. About 1126 km.
fly [1]
verb ( flew, flown, flying )
-- verb (i)
1. to move through the air on wings, as a bird.
2. to be borne through the air by the wind or any other force or agency.
3. to float or flutter in the air, as a flag, the hair, etc.
4. to travel through the air in an aircraft or as an aircraft does.
5. to move or pass swiftly; move with a start or rush.
6. to make an attack by flying, as a hawk does.
7. to change rapidly and unexpectedly from one state to another: to fly open.
8. to flee.
-- verb (t)
9. to cause to fly: to fly a model aeroplane, a kite, a hawk.
10. to operate (an aircraft or spacecraft).
11. to hoist aloft or bear aloft: to fly a flag.
12. to travel over by flying.
13. to transport by flying.
14. to avoid; flee from.
15. Theatre a. to raise (scenery) into the flies. b. to suspend (scenery) above a stage from the flies by means of wire rigging, etc.
-- noun ( plural flies )
16. a strip sewn along one edge of a garment, to aid in concealing the buttons or other fasteners.
17. such a strip used to hide the opening on a pair of trousers, or the fastening itself.
18. a flap forming the door of a tent.
19. a piece of canvas extending over the ridgepole of a tent and forming an outer roof.
20. a light tent.
21. the act of flying; a flight.
22. US. the course of a flying object, as a ball.
23. History a light, single-horsed public carriage for passengers.
24. Machinery flywheel.
25. Horology a regulating device for chime and striking mechanisms, consisting of an arrangement of vanes on a revolving axis.
26. Printing a. a contrivance for receiving and delivering separately printed sheets from a press. b. (formerly) one who removed printed matter from a press.
27. the extent of a flag from the staff to the outer end, or the outer end itself.
28. ( plural ) Theatre the space and apparatus above the stage.
29. Colloquial an attempt: give it a fly.
30. a children's running and jumping game played with sticks spaced out on the ground.
-- phrase
31. fly a kite, a. Co