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  Dictionary Definition of flop

verb ( flopped, flopping )

-- verb (i)
1. to fall or plump down suddenly, especially with noise; drop or turn with a sudden bump or thud.
2. to fall flat on the surface of water.
3. to yield or break down suddenly.
4. Colloquial to fail.
5. to flap, as in the wind.
6. Also, flop over. US. to change suddenly, as from one side or party to another.
-- verb (t)
7. to drop, throw, etc., with a sudden bump or thud.
8. to flap clumsily and heavily, as wings.
-- noun
9. the act of flopping.
10. the sound of flopping; a thud.
11. Colloquial a failure: we might as well go home and write this trip off as a flop. -- WAL WATKINS, 1971.
[var. of FLAP ]
-- flopper, noun