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  Dictionary Definition of first

1. being before all others with respect to time, order, rank, importance, etc. (used as the ordinal number of one ).
2. Music highest or chief among several voices or instruments of the same class: first alto, first horn.
3. Motor Vehicles of or relating to low transmission gear ratio.
-- adverb
4. before all others or anything else in time, order, rank, etc.
5. before some other thing, event, etc.
6. for the first time.
7. in preference to something else; rather; sooner.
8. in the first place; firstly.
-- noun
9. that which is first in time, order, rank, etc.
10. the beginning.
11. the first part; the first member of a series.
12. Music a. the voice or instrument that takes the highest or chief part in its class, especially in an orchestra or chorus. b. a leader of a group of performers.
13. Motor Vehicles the lowest forward gear ratio; first gear.
14. the first place in a race, etc.
15. a first-class degree.
16. ( plural ) the best quality of certain articles of commerce.
-- phrase
17. at first blush, at the first view; on first consideration.
18. at first hand, from the first or original source.
19. at first ; at the first, at the beginning or outset.
20. be a first, to be the first experience of something, or first attempt at doing something: this tour is a first for me.
21. draw first blood, a. in physical combat, to inflict the first injury. b. in non-physical competition, to gain the initial advantage.
22. first and last, altogether; in all.
23. first bash, the first go: You can have first bash at this.
24. first in, best dressed!, (an exclamation meaning that the first person to arrive has an advantage over others in a group).
25. first thing, before anything else; at once; early.
26. first up, at the first attempt.
27. from the first, from the beginning or outset.
[ME; OE fyrst, c. OHG furist, G Fürst prince; a superlative form akin to FORE1 ]