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  Dictionary Definition of feet

1. plural of foot.
-- phrase
2. at someone's feet, a. captive; at someone's mercy. b. utterly devoted to someone.
3. carry someone out feet first, Colloquial a. to carry (someone) out dead. b. to carry (someone) out in a state of incapacitation, as by being drunk, unconscious, etc.
4. fall on one's feet ; land on one's feet, to be lucky.
5. feet first, Colloquial a. dead. b. thoughtlessly; impetuously: In keeping with my character, I had leapt in feet first. -- SALLY MORGAN, 1987.
6. feet of clay, an imperfection or blemish in the character of someone which mars the image of perfection.
7. get one's feet wet, Colloquial to obtain first-hand and practical experience.
8. jump in feet first, to act impetuously.
9. keep one's feet, to keep one's balance.
10. keep one's feet on the ground, to retain a sensible and practical outlook.
11. put one's feet up, Colloquial to relax or rest, especially by lying down.
12. put someone on their feet ; set someone on their feet, a. to enable someone to act without help from others; make someone financially independent. b. to restore someone to a former position or condition.
13. stand on one's own feet ; stand on one's own two feet, to be self-sufficient.
14. sweep someone off their feet, a. to cause someone to lose a footing, as a wave, etc. b. to impress or overwhelm: Poor Mary had been swept off her feet by the devil-may-care Dinnie Skehan -- MARY DURACK, 1959. See foot.
-- feetless, adjective