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  Dictionary Definition of fast

fast [1]
1. moving or able to move quickly; quick; swift; rapid: a fast horse.
2. done in comparatively little time: a fast race, fast work.
3. indicating a time in advance of the correct time, as a clock.
4. adapted to or productive of rapid movement: a fast track.
5. extremely energetic and active, especially in pursuing pleasure immoderately or without restraint, as a person.
6. characterised by such energy or pursuit of pleasure, as a mode of life.
7. resistant: acid-fast.
8. firmly fixed in place; not easily moved; securely attached: to make fast.
9. that cannot escape or be extricated.
10. firmly tied, as a knot.
11. closed and made secure, as a door.
12. such as to hold securely: to lay fast hold on a thing.
13. firm in adherence: fast friends.
14. permanent; lasting: a fast colour.
15. deep or sound, as sleep.
16. deceptive, insincere, inconstant, or unreliable.
17. Photography permitting very short exposure, as by having a wide shutter opening or high film sensitivity: a fast lens or film.
18. (of the surface of a cricket pitch, racecourse, etc.) hard and dry, and therefore conducive to fast movement.
-- adverb
19. tightly: to hold fast.
20. soundly: fast asleep.
21. quickly, swiftly, or rapidly.
22. in quick succession.
23. in an energetic or dissipated way.
24. Archaic. close; near: fast by.
-- noun
25. something that fastens, as a rope that holds a ship to its moorings.
-- phrase
26. play fast and loose with, to behave in an inconsiderate, inconstant, or irresponsible manner towards.
27. pull a fast one, Colloquial to act unfairly or deceitfully.
[ME; OE fæst, c. D vast, Icel. fastr fast, firm]