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  Dictionary Definition of face


-- noun
1. the front part of the head, from the forehead to the chin.
2. sight; presence: to one's face.
3. a look or expression on the face: sad face.
4. an expression, indicating ridicule, disgust, etc.: to make faces.
5. make-up: to put a face on.
6. Colloquial boldness; impudence: to have the face to ask.
7. outward appearance: old problems with new faces.
8. outward show; pretence: to put a good face on the matter.
9. good name; prestige: to save one's face ; lose face.
10. a well-known person, especially one on whom a publicity drive, campaign, etc., depends; identity.
11. the geographic characteristics or general appearance (of a land surface).
12. an aspect of a hill, mountain, etc.: the sheep were on the southern face.
13. the surface: face of the earth.
14. the side or part of a side upon which the use of a thing depends: the face of a cloth, document, playing card, watch, etc.
15. the most important side; the front: the face of a building, arch, etc.
16. the acting, striking, or working surface of an implement, tool, bat, club, etc.
17. Geometry any one of the bounding surfaces of a solid figure: a cube has six faces.
18. Mining the front or end of a drift or excavation, where the material is being or was last mined.
19. Printing a. the working surface of a type, plate, etc. b. the style or appearance of type; typeface: broad face ; narrow face.
20. Fortifications either of the two outer sides which form the salient angle of a bastion or the like.
21. Crystallography one of the surfaces of a crystal.
-- verb ( faced, facing )
-- verb (t)
22. to look towards: face the light.
23. to have the front towards or in the direction of: the statue faces the park.
24. to meet face to face; confront: faced with a problem.
25. to see a matter through despite embarrassment: to face a thing out.
26. to oppose confidently or defiantly: to face fearful odds.
27. to cover or partly cover with a different material in front: a brick house faced with wood.
28. to cover some part of (a garment) with another material.
29. to turn the face of (a playing card) upwards.
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