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  Dictionary Definition of entry

noun ( plural entries )

1. an act of entering; entrance.
2. a place of ingress or entrance, especially an entrance hall or vestibule.
3. permission or right to enter; access: to have entry into the premises.
4. the act of entering or recording something in a book, register, list, etc.
5. the statement, etc., so entered or recorded.
6. one entered in a contest or competition.
7. Law the act of taking possession of lands or tenements by entering or setting foot on them.
8. Music a point in a musical performance where a member of an orchestra or choir or a soloist begins to play or sing after being silent for some time.
9. the giving of an account of a ship's cargo at a customs house to obtain permission to land the goods.
10. Bookkeeping a. See double entry. b. See single entry.
[ME entree, from F, entrer ENTER ]