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  Dictionary Definition of enter

verb (i)
1. to come or go in.
2. to make an entrance, as on the stage.
3. to be admitted.
-- verb (t)
4. to come or go into.
5. to penetrate or pierce: the bullet entered the flesh.
6. to put in or insert: to enter a wedge.
7. to become a member of, or join.
8. to cause to be admitted, as into a school, competition, etc.
9. to make a beginning of or in, or begin upon; engage or become involved in.
10. to make a record of; record or register.
11. Law a. to place in regular form before a court, as a writ. b. to occupy or to take possession of (lands); make an entrance, entry, ingress in, under claim of a right to possession.
12. to register formally; submit; put forward: to enter an objection.
13. to report (a vessel, etc.) at the customs house.
-- phrase
14. enter into, a. to take an interest or part in; engage in. b. to take up the consideration of (a subject); investigate. c. to sympathise with (a person's feelings, etc.). d. to assume the obligation of. e. to become a party to. f. to make a beginning in. g. to form a constituent part or ingredient of: lead enters into the composition of pewter. h. to penetrate; plunge deeply into. i. to go into a specific state: enter into a state of hypnosis.
15. enter on ; enter upon, to make a beginning in.
[ME entre ( n ), from OF entrer, from L intrare go into]
-- enterable, adjective -- enterer, noun