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  Dictionary Definition of dub

dub [1]
verb (t) ( dubbed, dubbing )

1. to strike lightly with a sword in the ceremony of conferring knighthood; make, or designate as, a knight: the king dubbed him knight.
2. to invest with any dignity or title; style; name; call: there were whole areas, dubbed 'parishes' on the government maps, where the people grew up godless, the children never saw a school, and the blasphemies and curses were shocking -- PETER CAREY, 1988.
3. to strike, cut, rub, etc., in order to make smooth, or of an equal surface: to dub leather, timber.
4. to dress (a fly) for fishing.
[ME dubben, OE dubbian, c. Icel. dubba equip, dub; akin to DOWEL ]