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  Dictionary Definition of dry

adjective, drier, driest, verb, dried, drying, noun, plural dries.

-- adjective
1. free from moisture; not moist; not wet.
2. having little or no rain: a dry climate or season.
3. characterised by absence, deficiency, or failure of natural or ordinary moisture.
4. not under, in, or on water: dry land.
5. not yielding water or other liquid: a dry well.
6. not yielding milk: a dry cow.
7. free from tears: dry eyes.
8. wiped or drained away; evaporated: a dry river.
9. desiring drink; thirsty.
10. causing thirst: dry work.
11. without butter or the like: dry toast.
12. (of a biscuit) not sweet.
13. Art hard and formal in outline; precisely executed.
14. Building Trades (of an interior wall, ceiling, etc.) finished without the use of plastering.
15. plain; bald; unadorned: dry facts.
16. dull; uninteresting: a dry subject.
17. humorous or sarcastic in an unemotional or impersonal way: dry humour.
18. indifferent; cold; unemotional: a dry answer.
19. (of wines) not sweet.
20. of or relating to non-liquid substances or commodities: dry measure.
21. characterised by or favouring prohibition of the manufacture and sale of alcoholic liquor for use as beverages: a dry ship.
22. (of a sheep) not rearing a lamb.
-- verb (t)
23. to make dry; to free from moisture: dry your eyes.
-- verb (i)
24. to become dry; lose moisture.
-- noun
25. a dry state, condition, or place.
26. Colloquial dry ginger ale: brandy and dry.
27. Mining a change house usually equipped with baths, lockup cubicles and means of drying wet clothing.
28. one within a political party, etc., who maintains a hard, uncompromising fiscal policy, as a monetarist (opposed to wet ).
29. US Colloquial a prohibitionist.
-- phrase
30. declare dry, to declare sheep to be sufficiently unaffected by rain to enable shearing to continue.
31. dry out, a. to subject (an alcoholic or other drug addict) to a systematic process of detoxification. b. \fs2
noun Sir Richard, 1815--69, Australian politician; premier of Tasmania 1866--69.