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  Dictionary Definition of drop

1. a small quantity of liquid which falls or is produced in a more or less spherical mass; a liquid globule.
2. the quantity of liquid contained in such a mass.
3. a. a very small quantity of liquid. b. a small drink, usually alcoholic.
4. a minute quantity of anything.
5. ( usually plural ) liquid medicine given in drops.
6. something like or likened to a drop.
7. a lozenge (confection).
8. a pendant.
9. act of dripping; fall; descent.
10. the distance or depth to which anything drops or falls.
11. a steep slope.
12. a fall in degree, amount, value, etc.: a drop in price.
13. that which drops or is used for dropping.
14. a drop curtain.
15. a trapdoor.
16. gallows.
17. a. a stick of parachutists. b. a descent by parachute.
18. a. the total yield of lambs from a flock of sheep. b. the lambing season.
19. Colloquial a fence (def. 4b).
20. Nautical the vertical length of a course (def. 11b). See hoist (def. 7a).
-- verb ( dropped or dropt, dropping )
-- verb (i)
21. to fall in globules or small portions, as water or other liquid: rain drops from the clouds.
22. to fall vertically like a drop; have an abrupt descent.
23. to sink to the ground as if inanimate.
24. to fall wounded, dead, etc.
25. to come to an end; cease; lapse: there the matter dropped.
26. to withdraw; disappear: to drop out of sight.
27. to squat or crouch, as a dog at the sight of game.
28. to fall lower in condition, degree, etc.; sink: the prices dropped sharply.
29. to pass without effort into some specified condition: to drop asleep ; drop into the habit of doing it.
30. to move down gently, as with the tide or a light wind.
31. to fall or move ( back, behind, etc.).
32. (of an unborn child) to change position in the womb so that the head becomes engaged before labour.
33. (of animals) to give birth, especially of sheep and cattle.
34. (in surfing) to impede the progress of another surfer.
-- verb (t)