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  Dictionary Definition of down

noun a county in south-eastern Northern Ireland on the Irish Sea. Pop. 53600 (1982); 2466 km2. County town: Downpatrick. Irish, An Dún.
down [1]
1. from higher to lower; in descending direction or order; into or in a lower position or condition.
2. on or to the ground.
3. to a point of submission, inactivity, etc.
4. to or in a position spoken of as lower, as the south, the country, a business district, etc.
5. to or at a low point, degree, rate, pitch, volume, etc.
6. from an earlier to a later time.
7. from a greater to a less bulk, degree of consistency, strength, etc.: to boil down syrup.
8. in due position or state: to settle down to work.
9. on paper or in a book: to write down.
10. in cash; at once: to pay down.
11. Colloquial in a prostrate, depressed, or degraded condition.
12. Boxing touching the ring floor with some part of the body other than the feet.
-- preposition
13. to, towards, or at a lower place on or in: down the stairs.
14. to, towards, near, or at a lower station, condition, or rank in.
15. away from the source, origin, etc., of: down the river.
16. in the same course or direction as: to sail down the wind.
-- adjective
17. downwards; going or directed downwards.
18. travelling away from a terminus: a down train.
19. confined to bed through illness.
20. not in activity: the wind is down.
21. (esp. of a computer) not operational.
22. Colloquial in prison: he is down for a few months.
23. being a portion of the full price of an article bought on an instalment plan or mortgage, etc., that is paid at the time of purchase.
24. losing or having lost money at gambling: he was down after a day at the races.
25. Games losing or behind an opponent by a specified number of points, holes, etc.
26. depressed; unhappy.
-- noun
27. a downward movement; a descent.
28. a reverse: the ups and downs of fortune.
29. Colloquial a grudge; a feeling of hostility: 'It's a pity Ernest has such a down on the blackfellows,' Mrs Maplestead was saying. -- RANDOLPH STOW, 1965.
-- verb (t)
30. to put or throw down; subdue.
31. to drink down: to down a schooner of beer.
-- verb (i)
32. to go down; fall.
-- interjection
33. (a command, especially to a dog, to