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  Dictionary Definition of dope

1. any thick liquid or pasty preparation, as a sauce, lubricant, etc.
2. an absorbent material used to absorb and hold a liquid, as in the manufacture of dynamite.
3. a. any of various varnish-like products for coating the cloth fabric of aeroplane wings or the like, in order to make it waterproof, stronger, etc. b. a similar product used to coat the fabric of a balloon to reduce gas leakage.
4. Colloquial a molasses-like preparation of opium used for smoking.
5. Colloquial any drug, especially a narcotic.
6. Colloquial marijuana.
7. Colloquial a stimulating drug, as one illegally given to a racehorse to induce greater speed.
8. Colloquial information or data.
9. Colloquial a stupid person.
-- verb (t) ( doped, doping )
10. Colloquial to affect with dope or drugs.
11. Electronics to add a small quantity of impurity to (a semiconductor) to achieve a particular characteristic.
[D doop a dipping, sauce, from doopen dip, baptise. See DIP ]
-- doper, noun