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  Dictionary Definition of doing

verb present participle of do1.
-- noun
1. action; performance; execution: it's all in the doing.
2. ( plural ) deeds; proceedings.
3. ( plural ) the materials or ingredients for a meal.
4. Colloquial a scolding; a beating.
-- phrase
5. be doing, to take place (mainly of something interesting or in need of investigation): What's doing down at the pub tonight?
6. be nothing doing, to be no activity or prospects, as for obtaining a job: 'Well, Mia; there was nothing doing at Rutherglen,' we repeated, 'and the maize was picked early this year at Tumut, because of the floods; so we'll have to hang around home until work turns up.' -- EVE LANGLEY, 1958.
7. nothing doing, Colloquial (an exclamation indicating refusal).
8. take a bit of doing ; take a lot of doing ; take some doing, to require great effort.