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  Dictionary Definition of dog

1. a domesticated carnivore, Canis familiaris, bred in a great many varieties.
2. any animal belonging to the same family, Canidae, including the wolves, jackals, foxes, etc.
3. the male of such an animal (opposed to bitch ).
4. any of various animals suggesting the dog, as the prairie dog.
5. a despicable fellow.
6. Colloquial an unattractive young woman: she's a real dog.
7. any of various mechanical devices, as for gripping or holding something.
8. an andiron.
9. Colloquial a four-wheeled trailer used in road haulage.
10. ( plural ) Colloquial feet.
11. Colloquial an informer.
-- verb ( dogged, dogging )
-- verb (t)
12. to follow or track constantly like a dog; hound; worry; plague: He was dogged by misfortune.
13. to drive or chase with a dog or dogs.
-- verb (i)
14. to hunt dingoes.
-- phrase
15. a dog tied up, Colloquial an outstanding account.
16. gay dog, Colloquial a rakish, possibly dissolute man.
17. go to the dogs, Colloquial to go to ruin.
18. lame dog, an unfortunate person; a helpless person.
19. lead a dog's life, to have a harassed existence; to be continuously unhappy.
20. let sleeping dogs lie, to refrain from action which might alter the existing situation.
21. put on dog ; put on the dog, Originally Colloquial to behave pretentiously; put on airs.
22. the dogs, Colloquial greyhound racing.
[ME dogge, OE docga; origin unknown]