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  Dictionary Definition of dive

verb (i) ( dived or, US Colloquial, dove ; dived ; diving )

1. to plunge, especially head first, as into water.
2. to go below the surface of the water, as a submarine.
3. to plunge deeply.
4. (of an aeroplane) to plunge downward at a greater angle than when gliding.
5. to penetrate suddenly into anything, as with the hand.
6. to dart.
7. to enter deeply into a subject, business, etc.
-- noun
8. the act of diving.
9. Colloquial a disreputable place, as for drinking, gambling, etc., especially a cellar or basement.
10. a sharp fall: a dive in net profit.
11. Boxing a pretended knockout (pre-arranged between two boxers): he took a dive in the third round.
[ME dive ( n ) dive, dip, OE dyfan, verb (t), dip (causative of dufan, verb (i), dive, sink), c. Icel. dyfa dip]