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  Dictionary Definition of disc

1. any thin, flat, circular plate or object.
2. a round, flat area.
3. the apparently flat surface of the sun, etc.
4. Computers disk.
5. a gramophone record.
6. a disc brake.
7. Archaic. a discus.
8. Botany, Zoology, etc. any of various roundish, flat structures or parts, as a plate of tissue between whorls of floral parts.
9. Botany (in composite plants) the central portion of the flower head, composed of tubular florets.
10. Anatomy, Zoology a. interarticular disc, a plate of cartilage interposed between the articulating ends of bones. b. intervertebral disc, the plate of fibrocartilage interposed between the bodies of adjacent vertebrae.
11. Bowls one of two circles enscribed on each side of the bowl, the smaller of which indicates the bias side.
-- verb (t)
12. to prepare (soil) with a disc harrow. Also, Chiefly US., disk.
[L discus DISCUS ]
-- discal, adjective -- disclike, adjective