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  Dictionary Definition of dips

verb ( dipped, dipping )

-- verb (t)
1. to plunge temporarily into a liquid, as to wet or to take up some of the liquid.
2. to raise or take up by dipping action; lift by bailing or scooping: to dip water out of a boat.
3. to lower and raise: to dip a flag in salutation.
4. to baptise by immersion.
5. to immerse (a sheep, etc.) in a solution to destroy germs, parasites, or the like.
6. to make (a candle) by repeatedly dipping a wick into melted tallow.
7. to moisten or wet as if by immersion.
8. to direct (motor-car headlights) downwards, as to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers.
-- verb (i)
9. to plunge into water or other liquid and emerge quickly.
10. to plunge the hand, a dipper, etc., into water, etc., especially in order to remove something.
11. to sink or drop down, as if plunging into water.
12. to incline or slope downwards.
13. to engage slightly in a subject.
14. to read here and there in a book.
-- noun
15. the act of dipping; a plunge into water, etc.
16. that which is taken up by dipping.
17. a liquid into which something is dipped.
18. sheep dip.
19. a lowering momentarily; a sinking down.
20. a soft savoury mixture into which biscuits, potato crisps, or the like, are dipped before being eaten, usually served with cocktails.
21. doughboy (def. 2).
22. downward extension, inclination, or slope.
23. the amount of such extension.
24. a hollow or depression in the land.
25. Geology, Mining the downward inclination of a stratum, vein, fault, joint or other planar surface referred to a horizontal plane.
26. Surveying the angular amount by which the horizon lies below the level of the eye.
27. the angle which a freely poised magnetic needle makes with the plane of the horizon; inclination.
28. a short downward plunge of an aeroplane or the like.
29. a depression built into a road to lead away surface water; spoon drain.
30. Colloquial a short swim.
31. a candle made by repeatedly dipping a wick into melted tallow.
32. Gymnastics an exercise on parallel bars in which a person bends their elbows until their chin is on a level with the bars, then rises by straightening their arms.
33. Prison Colloquial a p