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  Dictionary Definition of ding

ding [1]
verb (i)
1. to strike or beat.
2. to sound, as a bell; ring, especially with wearisome continuance.
3. to keep repeating; impress by reiteration.
-- verb (t)
4. to cause to ring, as by striking.
5. to hammer at (someone) with repetitious talk.
6. Colloquial to throw away.
7. Colloquial to smash; damage.
-- noun
8. a blow or stroke.
9. the sound of a bell or the like.
10. Colloquial a damaged section on a car, bike, surfboard, etc.: if ding repair companies wish to be paid, they should do as their name implies and repair dings. -- TRACKS, 1992.
11. Colloquial a minor accident involving a car, bike, surfboard, etc.
12. Colloquial an argument.
13. Colloquial the penis.
14. Also, dinger. the buttocks; arse.
[ME ding, dingen hammer, thump, strike, from OE * dingan, possibly from ON; Cf. OE dencgan beat, Icel. dengja hammer. Some senses are due to a conflation of this earlier sense with an imitative rendering of the sound of a bell]