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  Dictionary Definition of dig

dig [1]
verb ( dug or ( Archaic ) digged, digging )

-- verb (i)
1. to break up, turn over, or remove earth, etc., as with a spade; make an excavation.
2. to make one's way by, or as by, digging.
-- verb (t)
3. to penetrate and loosen (the ground) with a spade, etc.
4. to make (a hole, tunnel, etc.) by removing material.
-- noun
5. thrust; poke.
6. a cutting, sarcastic remark.
7. an archaeological site undergoing excavation.
8. Cricket an innings.
-- phrase
9. dig in, a. to dig trenches, as in order to defend a position in battle. b. to maintain one's position or opinion firmly. c. Colloquial to apply oneself vigorously. d. Colloquial to begin to eat heartily.
10. dig into, a. to thrust, plunge, or force into: He dug his heel into the ground. b. Colloquial to apply oneself vigorously to (work, eating, etc.).
11. dig up, a. to break up and turn over with a spade: to dig up the soil. b. Also, dig out. to obtain and remove by digging. c. to find or discover by effort or search.
[ME diggen, probably from F diguer, of Gmc origin]