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  Dictionary Definition of dies

die [1]
verb (i) ( died, dying )

1. to cease to live; undergo the complete and permanent cessation of all vital functions.
2. (of something inanimate) to cease to exist: the secret died with him.
3. to lose force, strength, or active qualities: traditions die slowly.
4. to cease to function; stop: the engine died.
5. to pass gradually: The echoes slowly died.
6. to lose spiritual life.
7. to faint or languish.
8. to suffer as if dying.
9. to pine with desire, love, longing, etc.
-- phrase
10. be dying for, Colloquial to desire or want keenly or greatly: I'm dying for a drink.
11. die away, a. to pass gradually away; subside. b. (of a sound) to become weaker or fainter and then cease: the music gradually died away.
12. die back, (of a plant, etc.) to wither from the top downwards to the stem or root.
13. die down, a. to become calm or quiet; subside. b. (of a plant, etc.) to die above the ground, leaving only the root.
14. die hard, a. to die only after a bitter struggle. b. (of a belief, theory, etc.) to persist despite all efforts at suppression.
15. die off, to die one after another until the number is greatly reduced.
16. die on someone, a. to die, in circumstances where the death leaves a possibly unexpected responsibility or obligation to (someone). b. to cease to function for (someone): The engine died on me. c. to fall asleep while in the company of (someone).
17. die out, a. to pass gradually away; fade gradually. b. to become extinct; disappear.
18. to die for, Colloquial extremely wonderful, desirable, etc.: they sell ice-creams to die for.
[early ME deghen, c. Icel. deyja. Cf. DEAD, DEATH ]