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  Dictionary Definition of dead

1. no longer living; deprived of life.
2. not endowed with life; inanimate: dead matter.
3. resembling death: a dead sleep.
4. bereft of sensation; insensible; numb: My foot is dead ; dead to all sense of shame.
5. no longer in existence or use: dead languages.
6. Law deprived of civil rights so that one is in the state of civil death, especially deprived of the rights of property.
7. without spiritual life or vigour.
8. infertile; barren.
9. lacking in vigour, force, motion, etc., or especially in sport, lacking in or deprived of some other characteristic and desirable quality: dead market, dead machinery, dead track, dead pitch.
10. a. without resonance: a dead room, a dead sound. b. without resilience or bounce: a dead ball.
11. unproductive: dead capital.
12. extinguished: a dead fire.
13. tasteless or flat, as alcoholic drink.
14. not glossy, bright, or brilliant.
15. complete; absolute: dead loss, dead silence.
16. sure; unerring: a dead shot.
17. direct, straight: a dead line.
18. Sport out of play: dead ball.
19. Golf (of a ball) hit so close to the hole that the success of the next, sinking, shot is assumed.
20. Horseracing, etc. out of the race, either because of an official scratching or because of the unofficial intentions of the owners not to win the race.
21. having been used or rejected, as type set up or copy for printing.
22. Electricity a. free from any electric connection to a source of potential difference and from electric charge. b. not having a potential difference from that of the earth.
23. Military (of land) not visible; hidden, as by undulations: dead ground.
24. Colloquial very tired; exhausted.
25. Colloquial empty: a dead bottle.
26. Colloquial (of an appliance, device, battery, etc.) no longer operative.
27. Cricket (of a bat) held limply so that the ball drops directly to the ground after it is struck.
-- adverb
28. absolutely; completely: dead right ; dead broke ; dead beat ; dead set.
29. with abrupt and complete stoppage of motion, etc.: he stopped dead.
30. directly; exactly; dia