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  Dictionary Definition of day

1. the interval of light between two successive nights; the time between sunrise and sunset.
2. the light of day; daylight.
3. Astronomy a. the period during which the earth (or a heavenly body) makes one revolution on its axis. b. the average length of this interval, twenty-four hours ( mean solar day ). c. the interval of time which elapses between two consecutive returns of the same terrestrial meridian to the sun ( solar day ). d. a period reckoned from midnight to midnight and equivalent in length to the mean solar day ( civil day ), as contrasted with a similar period reckoned from noon to noon ( astronomical day ). e. the interval of time between the meridional transits of a star, specifically the first point of Aries ( sidereal day ), four minutes shorter than the solar day.
4. the portion of a day allotted to working: an eight-hour day.
5. a day as a point or unit of time, or on which something occurs.
6. a day assigned to a particular purpose or observance: New Year's Day.
7. a day of contest, or the contest itself: to win the day.
8. ( often plural ) a particular time or period: the present day, in days of old.
9. ( often plural ) period of life or activity.
10. period of power or influence: every dog has his day.
-- phrase
11. call it a day, to bring an activity to a close, either temporarily or permanently.
12. day after day, for an indefinite but seemingly very long time.
13. day by day, daily.
14. day in, day out, for an undetermined succession of days.
15. day one, the first day of a new undertaking, organisation, system, etc.
16. in this day and age, at the present time; nowadays.
17. not be someone's day, Colloquial to be a day when nothing goes right for someone: Jane had the feeling it just wasn't her day.
18. that'll be the day, Colloquial (an expression indicating disbelief, cynicism, etc.).
[ME; OE dæg, c. G Tag ]
noun Doris ( Doris Kappellhoff ), born 1924, US singer and film actor; noted especially for light romantic comedy roles.