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  Dictionary Definition of cut

verb ( cut, cutting )

-- verb (t)
1. to penetrate, with or as with a sharp-edged instrument: he cut his finger.
2. to strike sharply, as with a whip.
3. to wound severely the feelings of.
4. to divide, with or as with a sharp-edged instrument; sever; carve: to cut a rope ; to cut bread into slices, etc.
5. to hew or saw down; fell: to cut timber.
6. to detach, with or as with a sharp-edged instrument; separate from the main body; lop off.
7. to reap; mow; harvest: to cut grain or hay.
8. to trim by clipping, shearing, paring, or pruning: to cut the hair or the nails.
9. to castrate.
10. to intersect; cross: one line cuts another at right angles.
11. to stop; halt the running of, as an engine, a liquid, etc.
12. to abridge or shorten by omitting a part: to cut a speech.
13. to lower; reduce; diminish; bring down: to cut rates.
14. Radio, TV. to stop recording or transmitting (a scene, broadcast, etc.).
15. Film, TV, etc. to edit (filmed material) by cutting and rearranging pieces of film.
16. to record (def. 6).
17. to make or fashion by cutting, as a statue, jewel, garment, etc.
18. to hollow out; excavate; dig: cut a trench.
19. to perform or execute: to cut a caper.
20. Colloquial to renounce; give up.
21. Colloquial to refuse to recognise socially.
22. Colloquial to absent oneself from: to cut school.
23. Cards a. to divide (a pack of cards) at random into two or more parts, by removing cards from the top. b. to take (a card) from a pack.
24. Sport to hit (a ball) either with the hand or some instrument so as to change its course and often to cause it to spin.
25. Cricket a. in batting, to strike with a cross-bat and dispatch (a ball) on the off side, usually in a direction between cover and fine third man. b. in bowling, to cause (the ball) to deviate on bouncing, usually by making the seam strike the pitch; to seam.
26. of sheep, to yield (wool) on being shorn: the sheep cut a heavy fleece.
27. to record a song, etc. on (a record).
28. to dilute or adulterate (a drug, as heroin, etc.) with other substances, as talcum powder.
-- verb (i)
29. to penetrate or divide something as with a sharp-edged instrument; make an incision: This