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  Dictionary Definition of cow

cow [1]
noun ( plural cows, ( Archaic ) kine )

1. the mature female of a bovine animal, especially of the genus Bos.
2. the female of various other large animals, as the elephant, whale, etc., the male of which is the bull.
3. Colloquial an ugly or bad-tempered woman.
4. Colloquial ( derogatory ) any person or thing.
5. Colloquial a person specified as objectionable ( rotten cow ), wretched ( poor cow ), or foolish ( silly cow ).
-- phrase
6. a cow of a..., Colloquial an extremely difficult, unpleasant, disagreeable...: a cow of a job.
7. a fair cow, Colloquial anything regarded as disagreeable or difficult.
8. till the cows come home, Colloquial for a long time; forever.
[ME; OE cu, c. G Kuh ]