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  Dictionary Definition of cools

1. moderately cold; neither warm nor very cold.
2. imparting or permitting a sensation of moderate coldness: a cool dress.
3. not excited; calm; unmoved; not hasty; deliberate; aloof.
4. deficient in ardour or enthusiasm.
5. lacking in cordiality: a cool reception.
6. calmly audacious or impudent.
7. Colloquial (of a number or sum) without exaggeration or qualification: a cool thousand.
8. (of colours) with green, blue, or violet predominating.
9. (of jazz) controlled, subtle, and relaxed.
10. Colloquial smart; up-to-date; fashionable.
11. Colloquial attractive; excellent.
-- noun
12. that which is cool; the cool part, place, time, etc.
13. coolness.
14. Colloquial detachment; rejection of involvement.
-- verb (i)
15. to become cool.
16. to become less ardent, cordial, etc.; become more moderate.
-- verb (t)
17. to make cool; impart a sensation of coolness to.
18. to lessen the ardour or intensity of; allay; calm; moderate.
-- phrase
19. cool it, to control one's temper; calm down.
20. cool off ; cool down, Colloquial to become calmer; become more reasonable.
21. cool one's heels, to be kept waiting.
22. keep cool ; stay cool, Colloquial to refrain from losing one's temper or from panicking.
23. lose one's cool ; blow one's cool, to become angry.
[ME, OE col; akin to COLD, CHILL ; def. 9 translation of Mandingo suma cool, applied to dancing]
-- coolly, adverb -- coolness, noun