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  Dictionary Definition of cook

cook [1]
verb (t)
1. to prepare (food) by the action of heat, as by boiling, baking, roasting, etc.
2. to subject (anything) to the action of heat.
3. Colloquial to falsify; manipulate.
4. Colloquial to ruin; spoil.
-- verb (i)
5. to prepare food by the action of heat.
6. (of food) to undergo cooking.
-- noun
7. one who cooks.
8. one whose occupation is the preparation of food for the table.
-- phrase
9. cook one's goose, to frustrate or spoil one's plans.
10. cook the books, a. to falsify accounts. b. to falsify a result: two national newspapers...cooked the books with ludicrous stories that Seles was as loud as a diesel locomotive. -- WEST AUSTRALIAN, 1992.
11. cook up, Colloquial to concoct; invent falsely: to cook up an excuse.
[ME; OE coc, from LL cocus, L coquus ]
Cook [1]
1. Captain James, 1728--79, English navigator, noted for his voyages of exploration in the Pacific; explored and mapped the east coast of Australia in the Endeavour in 1770, which led to the British colonisation of Australia.
2. Sir Joseph, 1860--1947, Australian federal Liberal politician, born in England; prime minister 1913--14.
3. Kenneth, 1929--87, Australian writer; works include the novel Wake in Fright (1961).
4. Patrick St John, born 1949, Australian cartoonist and satirist.
5. Peter, born 1950, Australian jockey.
6. Peter Edward, 1937--95, British writer and entertainer; noted for revues, films and the television comedy series Not only...but Also (1965--71, with Dudley Moore).