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  Dictionary Definition of cone

noun, verb, coned, coning.

-- noun
1. a solid with a circular base, whose straight sides converge in a point.
2. Geometry a solid whose surface is generated by the straight lines joining a fixed point to the points of a plane curve whose plane does not contain the fixed point. When the plane curve is a circle and the fixed point lies on the perpendicular to the plane of the circle through its centre, the cone is a right circular cone. When the plane curve is a circle and the fixed point is not so situated, the cone is an oblique circular cone.
3. Machinery a mechanical part having the shape of a cone or conoid.
4. Botany a. the more or less conical multiple fruit of the pine, fir, etc., consisting of imbricated or valvate scales bearing naked ovules or seeds; a strobilus. b. a similar fruit, as in cycads, club mosses, etc.
5. Zoology a light-sensitive nerve-cell present in the retina of most vertebrates.
6. anything cone-shaped.
7. the conical peak built up with the ejected material from a volcano.
8. a cone-shaped vessel hoisted as a warning of bad weather.
9. a conical container of wafer for a portion of ice-cream.
-- verb (t)
10. to shape like a cone or the segment of a cone.
[L conus, from Greek k˘nos ]