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  Dictionary Definition of coil

coil [1]
verb (t)
1. to wind into loops one above another; twist or wind spirally: to coil a rope.
-- verb (i)
2. to form loops, spirals, etc.; wind.
3. to move in winding course.
4. Obsolete to lie down or curl up to sleep.
-- noun
5. a connected series of spirals or loops into which a rope or the like is wound.
6. a single such loop.
7. an arrangement of pipes, coiled or in a series, as in a radiator.
8. Electricity a. a conductor, as a copper wire, wound up in a spiral or other form. b. a device composed essentially of such a conductor.
9. Medicine a spiral device introduced into the uterus to prevent conception.
10. Philately a. a stamp issued in a roll, usually of 1000 stamps, and usually perforated vertically or horizontally only. b. a roll of such stamps.
[F cueillir gather, from a LL form replacing L colligere. See COLLECT1 ]