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  Dictionary Definition of clone

verb ( cloned, cloning )

-- verb (t)
1. to bring about the asexual reproduction of (an individual), as by implanting the nucleus of a body cell from a donor individual into an egg cell from which the nucleus has been removed, and allowing the egg cell to develop, the resulting individual being identical with the donor but having no cells in common with the female providing or harbouring the egg cell.
2. to replicate exactly.
3. to produce as a derivative: they cloned the sequel from the original film.
-- noun
4. an asexually produced descendant.
5. Horticulture a group of plants originating as parts of the same individual, from buds or cuttings.
6. an imitation; duplicate.
7. a product, especially a computer, which replicates in design or function an existing model produced by another manufacturer: an IBM clone.
8. Colloquial a person whose appearance and behaviour is clearly modelled on another specified person: a Michael Jackson clone.
-- adjective
9. imitative.
[Greek klon slip, twig]
-- clonal, adjective -- clonally, adverb