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  Dictionary Definition of chew

verb (t)
1. to crush or grind with the teeth; masticate.
2. to damage or destroy by or as if by chewing.
-- verb (i)
3. to perform the act of crushing or grinding with the teeth.
-- noun
4. the act of chewing.
5. that which is chewed; a portion, as of tobacco, for chewing.
6. NZ. ( with children ), a sweet, a lolly.
-- phrase
7. chew out, Colloquial to scold or castigate (someone).
8. chew over, to meditate on; consider deliberately.
9. chew someone's ear, Colloquial to talk to (someone) insistently and at length.
10. chew the buns off someone, Colloquial to berate or abuse (someone).
11. chew the fat, Colloquial to gossip.
12. chew the rag, Colloquial a. to gossip. b. to argue or grumble. c. to brood or grieve.
13. chew up, to damage or destroy by or as if by chewing: This machine has chewed up the carpet.
[ME chewen, OE ceowan, akin to G kauen ]
-- chewer, noun