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  Dictionary Definition of cast

verb ( cast, casting )
-- verb (t)
1. to throw; fling; hurl ( away, off, out, etc.)
2. to throw off or away.
3. to direct (the eye, a glance, etc.)
4. to cause (light, etc.) to fall upon something or in a certain direction.
5. to throw out (a fishing line, anchor, etc.).
6. to throw down; throw (an animal) on its back or side.
7. to part with; lose.
8. to shed or drop (hair, fruit, etc.), especially prematurely.
9. to bring forth (young), especially abortively.
10. to send off (a swarm), as bees do.
11. to throw forth, as from within; emit or eject; vomit.
12. to throw up (earth, etc.), as with a shovel.
13. to put or place, especially hastily or forcibly.
14. to deposit (a vote, etc.)
15. Theatre a. to allot parts of (a play) to actors. b. to select (actors) for a play.
16. Metallurgy to form (molten metal, etc.) into a particular shape by pouring into a mould; to produce (an object or article) by such a process.
17. to compute or calculate; add, as a column of figures.
18. to compute or calculate astrologically, as a horoscope; forecast.
19. to ponder or consider; contrive, devise, or plan.
20. to turn or twist; warp.
21. Nautical to bring (a boat) round.
22. Nautical to let go or let ( loose, off, etc.) as a vessel from a mooring.
-- verb (i)
23. to calculate or add.
24. Obsolete to conjecture; forecast.
25. to warp, as timber.
26. Nautical to turn, especially to get the boat's head away from the wind; tack.
27. of a sheepdog, to make a wide sweep to get around sheep without disturbing them.
-- noun
28. the act of casting or throwing.
29. Archery the distance a bow can shoot.
30. the distance to which a thing may be cast or thrown.
31. Games a. a throw of dice. b. the number rolled.
32. Angling a. the act of throwing the line or net on the water. b. a line so thrown. c. the leader, with flies attached.
33. Hunting a dispersal of the hounds in all directions to recapture a scent.
34. a secondary swarm of bees, etc.