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  Dictionary Definition of cash

1. money, especially money on hand, as opposed to a money equivalent (as a cheque).
2. money paid at the time of making a purchase, or sometimes an equivalent (as a cheque), as opposed to credit.
-- verb (t)
3. to give or obtain cash for (a cheque, etc.).
-- phrase
4. cash in, to obtain cash for: to cash in an insurance policy.
5. cash in on, Colloquial a. to gain a return from: Alert manufacturers overseas have been quick to cash in on this new enthusiasm for Old Australian Art -- CYRIL PEARL, 1959. b. to turn to one's advantage: So now is the time to cash in on the glut and buy them by the case -- HERALD SUN, 1991.
6. cash in one's chips, a. (in poker, etc.) to hand in one's counters, etc., and get cash for them. b. Colloquial to die.
7. cash up, a. (of shopkeepers, etc.) to add up the takings. b. Obsolete Colloquial to pay in settlement of a debt or fine: He had to cash up a fiver.
[F caisse, from Pr. caissa, from L capsa box]
-- cashable, adjective -- cashability, noun
1. Johnny, born 1932, US country and western singer, composer and guitarist.
2. Martin, 1808--77, Australian bushranger, born in Ireland.
3. Pat ( rick ) Hart, born 1965, Australian tennis player; Wimbledon singles champion 1987.