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  Dictionary Definition of buys

verb ( bought, buying )

-- verb (t)
1. to acquire the possession of, or the right to, by paying an equivalent, especially in money.
2. to acquire by giving any kind of recompense: to buy favour with flattery.
3. to hire; bribe.
4. Chiefly Theology to redeem; ransom.
5. Colloquial to accept: do you think he'll buy the idea?
-- verb (i)
6. to be or become a purchaser.
-- noun
7. Colloquial a purchase, especially a good purchase.
-- phrase
8. buy in, a. Stock Exchange (of a broker) to obtain a share scrip from another broker to cover his or her position after a third broker fails to deliver shares. b. to join in; become involved.
9. buy into, a. to acquire shares in (a company): to buy into BHP. b. to choose to become involved in: to buy into an argument.
10. buy into trouble, to undertake a course of action against the better judgment of oneself or others.
11. buy it, Colloquial to die: He bought it at Bathurst.
12. buy off, to get rid of (a claim, opposition, etc.) by payment; purchase the non-intervention of; bribe.
13. buy out, to secure all of (an owner's or partner's) share or interest in an enterprise.
14. buy up, to buy as much as one can of.
[ME b ( u ) yen etc., OE byg-, stem of bycgan, c. OS buggian, Goth. bugjan ]
-- buyable, adjective